Are you looking for unique and impressive romantic dinner ideas for two? Well look no more. Now That’s Romantic! has creative ideas for any mood, any special occasion, any time of year. Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, birthdays or celebrating a promotion, it’s all here. This beautifully illustrated how-to-be-romantic book will help even the most romantically-challenged novice look like a pro.

To insure no detail is overlooked, each romantic roomscape comes with simple lists and step-by-step instructions. It includes everything from table settings, props and lighting to suggestions on what to wear and what music to play.

If you don’t like to cook, that’s okay. The Cheat and Eat Great Section will show you how to host an elegant, romantic dinner with little or no cooking. How cool is that?

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Valentine's Day—a virtual lovers' holiday set aside for the sole purpose of expressing our undying love for one another. This Valentine's Day, remember, it's not just the content of your message that matters, it's the delivery that makes the difference. This year do the chocolate, champagne and roses thing, but do them in a creative new way. Engage all the senses with the sensual "Hearts on Fire" roomscape. How does bare skin on bearskin sound?